The RUGGEDrive™ is USB technology wrapped in an ultra rugged package with a specialised connection system that is equally robust. Integration into your device is simple, just link one of Datakey’s connectors to your devices internal USB port and when the RUGGEDrive™ token is inserted you get full USB functionality without the drawbacks of using standard USB sticks and USB ports.

Datakey’s RUGGEDrive™ products are already being used successfully in many industries including Telecoms, Medical, Motorsport and Military. In many cases they were designed in and implemented in a matter of weeks.

Device design process

Easy connection to a PC

When required, the RUGGEDrive™ tokens offer easy controlled connection to a PC through a simple PC adapter. With this adapter, standard Mass Storage Device (i.e. drive letter) operation is achieved.


Without this PC adapter, the RUGGEDrive™ token can not fit into ‘just any’ PC. The unique form-factor helps to secure data stored on the tokens and greatly reduces the risk of malicious files being loaded to or from the token.

Benefits to YOU

  • Your support costs will reduce.
  • Your development time will shorten.
  • You will gain a new revenue stream by supplying the RUGGEDrive™ tokens to your customers.
  • Your customer’s downtime will be reduced by using Datakey’s rugged tokens that will continue to work in harsh environments.
  • Your field support costs will drop as Datakey’s whole range of mating connectors (receptacles) have a very high insertion life.
  • You will have peace of mind that conventional USB / SD devices cannot be used.
  • You can easily program, check or update the tokens.

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