Are you looking for industrial portable memory? Do you need longevity, physical security and ruggedness? If so, request your free sample token below.

Are you willing to take the risk of using standard USB Flash Drives for your data logging which are really designed for consumers or would you rather use a USB or SD memory device which is rugged, secure, built to last and specifically designed for equipment manufacturers?

Nexus – the exclusive distributors in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia – have been helping customers successfully integrate Datakey products for 30 years.

Rugged and secure industrial memory available exclusively to engineers in USB and SD protocols. The RUGGEDrive™ offers added security as your data can not be read via a standard USB or SD port/connector, keeping your system safe from unauthorised USB or SD devices.

The RUGGEDrive differs from USB flash drives in three important ways: